Unmanned Systems are autonomous vehicles capable
of performing a variety of tasks, that would otherwise
border the impossible or extremely dangerous for the operators
of manned vehicles. What sets unmanned systems apart is their capacity
to reduce costs and time, increase result accuracy, streamline procedures
and broaden operational perception. This is achieved through
the integration of the appropriate sensor for the given task.


Surveillance & Border Control

Monitor and protect your border against external threats. Our UAV’s do not only broadcast video and capture images. They are essentially flying robots that use special face and object recognition algorithms, as well as other tracking technologies such as object tracking.

Monitoring and Inspection

By combining multispectral sensors and aerial platforms you can have a clear image of your infrastructure’s condition minimizing inspection costs. Know the condition of your pipelines, identify leaks that could become catastrophic to your personnel, facilities and the environment. Be proactive, protect your business!

Disaster Management

Be there faster and be on top of the situation before it spirals out of control. Made possible by continuous aerial imagery from the canopy of a disaster. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Flood, an Earthquake, a Nuclear Accident, a Hazardous Material Spill or a Forest Fire, UAVs raise your operational perception. Save lives, reduce risk, be efficient.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Inspect your critical infrastructure whether you are involved in electricity production, oil and gas, transportation or telecommunications. Extend your monitoring capacity to better protect your infrastructure against external threats. Identify suspicious activity using specialized face and object recognition algorithms.

Crop Management & Precision Agriculture

Improve your yields, cut back on crop wastage by being aware of your plant’s health. Is water distributed evenly, are there irrigation problems, is the soil leveled, is there a fungal infestation? Invisible to the human eye, these problems can be dealt with the use of the proper sensor. We can also do the spraying for you giving you back money and time spent on the traditional methods.

Photogrammetry Survey - 3D Mapping

Minimize the time and resources needed for mapping and 3D modelling. 2D maps and objects can be transformed into accurate 3D models down to the centimeter. With various areas of interest such as topographic mapping and modelling of monuments important to cultural heritage. With UAVs no spot is beyond reach!

The Full Spectrum

Law Enforcement Agencies, First Responders and those interested in coordinating large scale operations can combine our services with the Aditess’ Task Based Guidance and Command-Control & Communication System (C3 System). Be in total control with the full spectrum package which offers assisted decision making and intelligent situation management.